Me rating my own Drawings.

Hi, I am Parthi Agarwal. This might seem off topic but I have been watching a lot of Austin and Ally. So what they finished streaming the show. It is so hilarious. Anyways.....

I have been logging on to Pinterest and drawing random sketches. Not gonna lie, it is fun. Today I will show you the ridiculous drawings I drew, and I am going to rate it myself.

1. The "Ballerina Shoes"

I mean, it is not that bad... It looks like the ballerina shoes, what else would I want. I give it a...   *drum roll*


2. The "Back Side of a girl"

This was the easiest thing I found to draw that day. So, it doesn't look that bad. Ratings are...


3. The "Mermaid in a glass"

Yeahhh... This one kind of sucked. But the mermaid looks happy. I give it a 


4. "The lovely Dress"

This one is my favorite. It looks perfect I am LOVING IT! I give it a


5. 'Kawaii'

Yeahh... I HATE IT!! I have never been good at drawing humans. God has made humans in such a hard way. It is hard to draw them. So hard that I hardly draw them... (HAAAAHAAA!!!!)😁 


That's that. My drawings... in my blog!!!!!!!!!!  Woo!


By Parthi


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