Hichki - Movie Review (The Child Critic)

Hello! I  am Parthi Agarwal and it is my Summer Vacation. Woo! Anyways, I had gone to watch a movie with my friend, as the title says, I had gone to watch the movie Hichki.

For those who wonder, 'Hichki' is Hindi for 'hiccups'.


Rani Mukherjee's role is... Ms. Naina Mathur. She is a teacher

at St. Notker's. She is the class teacher of a Rowdy class' the class of 9F.  At first, the students treat her like poop. But after she saves those students from being suspended, they treat her better. And after "Naina Ma'am's" amazing class, it turns to complete loyalty. 

Now, those failures have to pass their finals to stay in their school. BOOM! They may pass, they may NOT! I am kipping my lips zipped.

Overall,  it was a tearful movie, but a happy movie. Every dork like me will love this movie. Even if you are not a dork you will lo-ove this movie. It was not a romantic, Thank God!

And the final rating is.......


Parthi Agarwal


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