How do I go through a summer vacation day

Why Hello there!! Guess whose blog turned 1. MINE! Guess who wasn't present on her birthday. Me... When it was my blog's birthday, I was studying for my Finals. Now that they're over. Freedom!! Whoop!

But that also means endless boring hours of doing nothing. Others will be out of the city, while you stay home and eat ice cream.   Today I will tell you how I spend my typical summer vacation.

As soon as I wake up, there will be loud music blasting from the Television. I will waddle like a duck when I get up. I don't know why. I will smell the fresh summer air which smells of 'no studying'. Anyways...

1)  Maths   


I know this sounds ludicrous, but I do maths. Papa bought me a 7th-grade math textbook so that I can ace that Grade 7! I do recommend you to do your weakest Subject during the holidays. 

2) Play the Piano

So recently, I have grown an OBSESSION towards playing the piano. I feel so peaceful when playing the piano. No, I do not go to piano classes. Yes, I am self-taught. You can also learn to play any instrument. Or if you don't have an instrument, try learning to sing online. Trust me, online classes are super fun


Typical me. I 'inaugurated' my blog on March 17, 2017. And have posted 20 blogs until 2018... what! I had to do good in 6th grade so I was extremely busy... (and lazy)😑 I recommend you to open your own blog. You have no reason to say no. It can be about anything. Travel, Your country, Random things you want to post. 

5)Play like Crazy!

This is my favorite part of the day. I play for 3-4 hours. I have 3 play sessions. I play with Mumma in the afternoon. In the evening with my friends for a really wrong time. Just before dinner, I play with Daddy for 1 hour (mostly table tennis and badminton).

6) Play Pretend (alone)

When I am alone at home, My home is a library of books, and whenever I open a book, I go inside that book. I am serious, I am not lying. I pretend I am a character in a book I own. It is S-U-P-E-R fun! I mostly play Harry Potter. (BTW I finished the series)

7) Live in my royal fort

My royal fort is made up of my blanket, my pillows, and two chairs. I don't need to explain how to make it as I have mentioned it in my post 'What to do when you're bored' 

That does it! This is basically what I do on a daily basis. Please read my other blogs, because they are cool (and I want views) and I 100.1% sure you will enjoy my other blogs. 



By Parthi



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