Wishlist 2017 for CHRISTMAS of an 11 year old

Hi, I am Parthi Agarwal. Welcome to the official My Little Ideas. I am an 11-year-old, lazy GIRL.

Did you Deck the Halls with boughs and holly, because Santa Clause is coming to town? Hahaha!!!! (That was a good one Parthi)

By Santa Claus, I remember, have you been good kids, because I know I haven't. But still, Mr. Santa, if you're reading this right now, this is my wishlist for 2017.(I am not requesting for this stuff) It is going to be a very short list. *cough*

1.The next 5 Harry Potter books. (specifically, the publishers should be Bloomsbury) from Book 4 to Book 8.

2.A wooden chest with all things Harry Potter. (Since I am Ravenclaw, all things Ravenclaw. Wand, Blue Tie, Broomstick, schoolbooks)

3. All 11 Percy Jackson Books. (I've decided Percy Jackson is the next series I'll read)

4. A Polaroid Camera. (Purple in color)

5. A chance to go to Disney Land. (Just Once)

6. A chance to meet Lilly Singh.( Just Once)

7. A Monopoly Set (Carnival Edtion)

8. The ability to become a part of any book I want, anytime I want.

9.A small library in my home, to my self.

10.A Basketball filled with air inside it.

That does it. That is all I want for Christmas. Mom, relax if you're reading this, you don't have to get me all of this. Please answer me these questions "Why do people call me a bookworm?" "Why do people say I am a nerd?" I mean, I got 5th Rank in my tests this time. Can't go lower.😉 Send your answers any way you like, (courier, comment, letterbox, owl post) 

Anyways, Enjoy your holidays, share love to one another, eat chocolate. I am not forcing you to do all of this.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!


By Parthi


  1. I love u my baby...May God fulfil all your wishes.lots of huggggss:)


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