Things to do this Diwali!

Hi! First things first, *clears throat* Happy Hallowe'en, a festival where you can be the weirdo you are inside. What am I being this Hello Ween. *drum roll* Pollution creator. It will be the most unoriginal costume in India. Us Indians, we have a festival for that too, Diwali!


If you get bored this Diwali put your hands up. Oh My God! How do you possibly get bored in D-I-W-A-L-I. Well, sit down and be humble while I go through things you can do this Diwali.

1. Give up your electronics

2. Spend time with your wonderful, loving family

3. Burst crackers with your parents, on the street. *legit*

4. Help mommy and daddy in making mouth-watering sweets

5. Paint Diyas

6. Help in the Lakshmi Puja, by lighting the Diya (tiny lamp-like things)

7. Dress in traditional Indian wear

8. Eat like you haven't eaten for 100 years

9. Find a new Hobby

10. Decorate your house with curtains, doormats and bed covers.

11. Please, Spend all the possible time with your beloved family.


By Parthi


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