My Recent Hobbies +Fangirling is weird

                                            True That!                                                                                                                                                        Hi, I am Parthi Agarwal. (Okay, okay we get it, boring inconsistent blogger.) Ay! Bracket guy. What exactly makes you so much more interesting than me? ( That's what I thought. Phew!

Anyways, my Dussehra holidays have just started. It lasts for 15 days and 9 hours. No studying! Wooo! 😀. I've recently been doing a lot of things. I am at least not wasting my time.

So recently, I am getting obsessed with Harry Potter. I got my first book on my birthday on 27th August. It is just too hard to put the book down. I am almost finished with the book. I am thinking of writing a review on every book every time I finish one book. I just got my second book yesterday! So, I am pretty satisfied with life right now.

I found my drawing book. I found like 56 drawing books while I was clearing my desk. So I thought "Why not take a look at 'em. I was shocked! I was a bad artist indeed. I wanted to do it again. Sometimes I would look for pictures online and would try to sketch. But sometimes I would look for tutorials and would try to draw faces and I think I sketch pretty well. Seriously though, when I look at my drawing the third time, I want to puke a swimming pool.

Tutting is pretty fun. It is a form of dance with your hands and hands. I watch tutorials by every tutter that existed.I think I do well. My favorite tutter is DYTTO. I don't just watch her videos. I breathe, live, eat and sleep her videos. Dytto if you're reading (obviously not), I am a psycho fan of yours.

Anyways, does anyone ever feel fangirling like I do is weird? I mean, it's like "Hello there random stranger, I've fallen in love with you even though I've never spoken to you, you've never seen me or know me and I've never seen your ratchet face behind that makeup." *deep breaths* Stop! It's not over. When a person is alive, about 5% of the world population are nuts about him/her. But when they die, it increases by 93%  all on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with these weird posts like "RIP *****. You were an inspiration to me." It is magical.How no one knew this guy until he had to die. Floods of "R.I.P" posts on Twitter. 

*sighs* MJ was an inspiration to me! *sobs*

Bro! You made it to the end of my annoying blabber post. Congrats! I've realized that nowadays, in my posts I only post rants about different things and that is not the message I want to spread to others. So positive energy is coming your way right on 'My Little Ideas'

Tell me, who do you fangirl in the comments right now. Please go read my other posts.


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