The stages of SHOPPING!

Hi! I am a so called "consistent" 10 years, 10 months, 29 days old blogger. I have no clue, why I made this post. (I was really bored 😞).

Every weekend, my parents and I have nothing to do. Then my dad says, "Let's go to the mall 😼" The stages begin...

1. Creeped out backbone

I honestly get so scared when I go to the mall. I mean "Fun Cities" in malls are pretty awesome. But the rest are just shopping centers, where I get creeped out. Why you ask? I get Bored. I still plunge in and get into the car.

2. The Entry

Malls have a nice A/C and an amazing ambiance. I am still sweating with the fear of boredom, like, it is not cool you guys. You just don't understand. We enter the automatic gates in which I always pretend to be a robber from "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves" and say "Open Sesame" We take a little stroll along the corridors over there. We choose a store and enter. Like, it is not a hard job to choose a center. It is always a woman's. 

3. I mean... it's not that bad.

I calm myself down a bit and say to myself "Look, it is not that bad, it is just a few minutes until Mumma's shopping gets over." Mumma started quickly selecting dresses while my dad helps. While I grab my mom's phone, run to the accessory section and click a picture of me trying on hats, goggles, shoes. The only thing that keeps me entertained is this. Like, there are so many pictures on the phone, I mean...

4.Wait.... I was wrong!

Now listen, okay! There is a limit of hats and goggles a person tries on until he/she gets bored! The worst feeling ever is being bored! I have no friends in the neighborhood. My besties live far away. They only come at my house on my BIRTHDAY! Igo to their house on mine. What else job I have! Let me tell you...... NOTHING! Although, my loneliness gave me time to study and be a topper in class!! That is my subtle answer for my boredom.

5. Yes! My shopping!

Okay now listen! #IamselfishandIknowit. My shopping includes the following process.

-It should look good.

-Pick a bazillion outfits using Rule #1

-Go and try it.

-It should look good on me! If it doesn't, BYE!

-Repeat Rule #3 and #4 for the bazillion outfits you've picked.

-7% out of all those clothes get selected. (I am picky)

6. Aww man... the day is over! 

So that is the end.... the billing counter is here. I feel happy that I got clothes for myself. I step out of the door. Before I realize it... I am in another store and the cycle continues. It is not necessary to buy clothes from every single store. At the end, we go to the Fun City at the mall and then to Foos Court and then Home Sweet Home.

Wow... I didn't know I was that kind of person who is rude and selfish. Anyways... my birthday is on 27th August 2006, that is 2 days. Whatever, I want you to comment down below your favorite songs. Now! Go! Don't forget to read my other posts because I think they are cool. 


By Parthi


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