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The stages of SHOPPING!

Hi! I am a so called "consistent" 10 years, 10 months, 29 days old blogger. I have no clue, why I made this post. (I was really bored 😞).Every weekend, my parents and I have nothing to do. Then my dad says, "Let's go to the mall 😼" The stages begin...1. Creeped out backboneI honestly get so scared when I go to the mall. I mean "Fun Cities" in malls are pretty awesome. But the rest are just shopping centers, where I get creeped out. Why you ask? I get Bored. I still plunge in and get into the car.2. The EntryMalls have a nice A/C and an amazing ambiance. I am still sweating with the fear of boredom, like, it is not cool you guys. You just don't understand. We enter the automatic gates in which I always pretend to be a robber from "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves" and say "Open Sesame" We take a little stroll along the corridors over there. We choose a store and enter. Like, it is not a hard job to choose a center. It is always a …