Tips for amazing marks in your examination

Hi! 10-year old blogger at your service.  Long time no sees. I am so sorry I did not blog in a long time, please forgive me ๐Ÿ˜“. I was really busy with school work. But, guess what? My exams have just finished!!! I aced all of 'em. (SO proud of myself) Today we are looking at tips to ace those papers which you have trouble with....

  So, you have exams tomorrow and you are sitting in front of an electronic device!! Get your face off the computer right away. RUN TO YOUR BOOKS!! You cannot waste time here!!... if there is on week-ish to your exams stay here, don't go.

  1. Make your sacred study spot

Organize a study spot where you have peace and it is really quiet. Organize all the things you need for your study session. Your essentials must be pencil, book, motivation and a little bit of enthusiasm. Oh, you don't find a quiets study spot, well, don't waste your time searching for one. You have to adjust, friend.

 2. Practice... Practice..... Practice

Of course, this tip works. This helps you become thorough with every single thing. In your exams, you will be like "Man, what did I study so hard for!" But don't waste your time writing lengthy answers the entire day. One revision practice a week is enough.

  3. 30% Read 70% Recitation

This way you can remember things instantly. Read the entire answer thoroughly (once or twice), then try to say the answers without seeing them. This is way better than writing. Albert Einstein said that "One hour of reading is ten times better than several hours of writing" Ok, do I look like I made that up, oh right, you never saw me.

   4. Eat healthy

I am not kidding, this really works. This helps in keeping you enthusiastic. I am not saying to like, quit junk food. Everyone loves it, *guilty*. But eating healthy really helps. I would recommend 3-4 almonds a day. It keeps hunger away from you. My favorite healthy food is BROCOLLI! I am not joking, I love broccoli oh, so much. Does not mean you have to eat it ๐Ÿ˜‹. (I am such a glutton.)

    5. Do not mess your textbook

Highlighting a textbook does not help. It does not help in consolidating the key points. It attracts you to less important points. It wastes your time. It messes up your textbook and diverts your concentration. So don't dirty your textbook. Flashcards are really useful. I recommend it totally.

  6. Follow these steps

I follow all these steps. This method is way different from the one that everyone uses and is way better and easier. It takes very less effort. One tip: Without opening and looking in those books, nothing will happen. You must understand, you will remember everything. 3rd-grade portions, I'm in 6th grade.

   7. Get started

 This is the most useful tips. Trust me, once you start with it, you will not stop. Not able to concentrate? 10 burpees now! You are not able to concentrate during studying because you wasted every single day, doing something that is not studying. If you are thinking about cars every day, that is what you 're thinking about today. So get off the computer right away ya tubby.

All the best!!!!


By Parthi


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