The Enchanted Books (The Cave) Part 1

Hi! I am so excited! Guess why? Because I wrote my first ever story! Aaah! Actually not fully. I need to complete and a few finishing touches! That's why I need to do it Part-wise. So what happened, One day....

I was just finishing my homework, it was a typical Friday. I was planning on watching a movie right after. Just then "Your friend Clara has invited you to her house over a study session." said my mom. I know by studying Clara meant " I need your help! Otherwise, Imma' fail." Clara is a loud, booming girl, yet she is really sweet. 

So the next day, I shoved my books into a bag and my dad dropped me over to her house. " Hi! Parthi, you are right on time!" Clara shouted. "Hi.. Clara" " Umm.. Parthi, I need to go to the restroom." and she zoomed off to he restroom. She had a nice room. One side was empty though. I don't know why.

"Oooh! Nice walls" Don't judge me, they were really smooth. Nice bricked walls. Just then, I realized, a brick was loose. I pushed it. Suddenly, her giant walls slid open. I stared in awe. "Is everything alright!" shouted Clara. "Everything is smooth" All I found inside was a floating bookcase. It was black everywhere. What is Clara hiding? I stepped inside.

 I found different fairy tales inside the FLOATING bookshelf. "How is it floating" I decided to call Clara. As soon as I was about to step out. The gates shut close. I was left alone. with only a weirdo floating bookshelf and a cave which was only like 1km. 

*dub dub* *dub dub*

Oh My God! Did she literally just leave us right there. In the middle. Tell us MORE Parthi! I will.. Just wait. Or go to Part II. To see what else happens...😉


By Parthi


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