Websites to visit when you are BORED!!

Hi! Oh My God! I am so bored! I bet even you are. Well, you are in the right place buddy. All the links of the websites will be given so you do not have to search the entire web for it.

1. Bored Panda

The name of this website says it all. Bored Panda has regular updates about travel, photography, illustration, animals etc. Here is the link...

2. Brain Pickings

Boredom does NOT mean you can't educate yourself. Brain pickings is a blog run by Maria Popova and I'm pretty sure she was a topper in her school. Here is the link...


3. TED

These people have "ideas worth spreading". Its life changing! Here is their link..

4. Laughing Squid.

Laughing squid is a highly visual blog. It also has regular updates. It also has a Youtube Here is their link.... channel.

 5. Incredible things

If you are more interested in discovering wacky products, this web has got you covered. The link...

6. The Useless Web


 Do not be fooled by the website's name. I mean this is so addicting. You will be occupied for at least 1/2 an hour. Your entry ticket is

7. Oddee

Love odd stuff, eh? You HAVE to click right here ....

8. Funny or die


All that I have to say about this bad boy is Ha Ha Ha.... You are going to cry with laughing when you click

9. Giphy


In this website you can search all the GIFs and can make your own. From hilarious GIFs to relatable this website has got you covered.

10. The Oatmeal

For the avid comic lover and quiz taker, The oatmeal aka. Mark Inman places the most hilarious comic and exciting quizzes in front of you. Believe me... I have tried it. Your ticket..


 And now you cannot tell me that you're bored. If you are, you can read my blog other blog posts *wink* *wink* Have fun!



By Parthi


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