Things you can do for your mom on Birthday/Mother's Day

Hi! Nice to meet you. Your first best friend and first ever teacher deserve a nice treat. That's right fellas, Mother's day is coming up and you want to give mommy a gift, but you think that's not enough? Keep on reading...

1. Write a lovely letter

This may sound old fashioned, but it is very helpful. Make your handwriting beautiful. If you want it to be more touching, do NOT copy from the internet. If you really love your mommy, you can write beautiful letters for her.

2. Avoid social media and mobile phone

You heard me right. No! Not even selfies with your mommy. No texting. Spend time with your mommy bro, why use the phone.

3. Start saving

Not only shopping, you can do various things for her. Take her out with you, feed her dinner, take her shopping etc.

4. Help her

Nothing will make her more happy. I bet. You can wake up early and start dusting the house. You can vaccum or mop the floor. Your mom does a lot of work and she deserves some rest.

5. Wake up early

You can do so much in very little time. Make breakfast exclusively for her. Shine up the house a bit. Hide your cards (made by you) and presents where your mom looks at every morning. Make her morning warm. If her morning is nice her whole day will be.

6. Talk to her.

Your mom has gone through a lot. Confess all your secrets. Let her talk to you without stopping, show interest in it. You can even gossip.You are going to LOVE it.

7. Play games with her

What? It is not childish. Don't older people miss playing games like Truth or Dare, Pin the tail etc. That's sad. If you want to make it more lively, call the whole family. It will be fun.

8. Get her pampered

Your mom is a woman, and which woman does not love facial and massage. Pay for it. She will feel amazing.

9. Leave her alone in peace

All the chaos in the house. Your mom it, she needs some quiet time, make her some coffee and Peace....

10. Continue....

If you act like an angel for one day and devil the next day, your mom will get to know that you did this all just for a day. She will feel HURT. She will be proud of you if you continue.

 Try a few of these tricks, you will probably never get grounded. I am going to Wonder La this Mother's day, Means I cannot get on the thriller rides. Good luck!


By Parthi 


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