Things to do when you are alone and BORED!

Hi! Welcome or welcome back to My Little Ideas. If you are bored, after reading this you will never be bored! EVER! I have already made a post about what to do on your computer when you are bored so check it out. If you are alone, and bored (I so know that feeling­čś×) this is the blog for you son. So read the content below...

1. Build a fort

I do this all the time when I am bored. Things you'll need are:

A big blanket, two chairs, mat and pillows(optional).

 How to make a fort: You first put your chairs that are facing their back at each other put them at a distance depending how big you want your fort. Put your blanket over it. Put a mat underneath and some pillows for your comfort in your fort. Get it? No? Okay.

2. Read a book

As I said in my previous blog, being bored doesn't mean you can't educate yourself. And I don't mean your school textbooks, I mean fiction, novels etc. You can read your fascinating book in your cool fort I was talking about. The current book I am reading is 'The Folk of The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton'

3. Make your imaginary friend

You are lonely and no one is around. You won't look like a psycho. My imaginary friend's name is..... (I'm still working on the name) I go on adventures I read in books with her. Trust me. It is a lot of fun. 

4. Do some steps on Just Dance

This is also really fun to do. Go to Youtube. Do any of your favorite songs. I really like 'Problem' by Ariana Grande or any Little Mix(I am a big fan) songs. They have fun steps to do. If you have a CD for Just Dance You are extremely lucky. So step on your feet and dance!

5. Do some DIY crafts

This is extremely fun to do. I make DIYs all the time. Just look at my showpiece shelf. You will find The Amazon Rainforest over there! With a few medals, trophies and embarrassing pictures of me when I was a little. You can make useful DIYs, Decors etc.

6. Become an artist

This will keep you occupied for a while. Pull out those Sheets, markers, brushes, pallets and paint of course! You can paint the most beautiful...uhhhh.... anything you can think of. Or if you aren't that much into painting you can do pencil shading. I do pencil shading. I watch tutorials and then shade. Its fun.

7. Take a quiz. 

This is fun, fun, fun! I recommend Playbuzz quizzes. They are really fun. I take trivia and personality quizzes. It will keep you occupied for hours..... 

Look at me. I made two posts about not getting bored. But I get bored so quickly. If there's on thing I can never get bored of.. it is blogging. Have fun!


By Parthi


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