Struggles of having long hair

Hi! To all those long haired girls..... or boys. You will relate to this too much if you have curly and long hair and by long hair I mean almost over your butt crack. Yes I have hair that long. So if you have hair like me please read this...

1. When someone sits on your hair....

 Okay, so I am not abusive at all but when someone sits on my hair.. I wish I could kill that "someone" Usually, when I am in Dance lessons, I was trying a stunt. I fell on my back. And a person comes and "by mistake" sits down on my hair. I am trying to get up but I can't and it hurts so bad.

2. You are not alone

If you have a little rough hair like me and if you try to flaunt your hair and your hair hit someone and you become a social disaster when that someone says "Oh god, your hair is all over my face!" If that person is a popular person tho....

3. When you bathe your hair

All the long haired people may I get an amen. When I wash my hair, first thing it takes forever to do that! And secondly it takes literally ages for it to dry if you don't have a hair dryer. I could do so much in those crucial 2 hours of my life. Yes it takes 2 hours for my wet hair. I could've post two blogs for you guys.

4. Wen your hair gets everywhere...

This is probably the second most embarrassing moment I could ever deal with. The first one is when the teacher asks me a question in front of the class and I do not know the answer. Your friend is eating her noodles and she says "Whose hair is everywhere?" and everyone points at you. #Reallifestruggles.

5. Every single move matters..

 When you leave your hair open to make your head feel lighter and the biggest mistake you can make is  moving!! I take a single step with my open hair and my perfectly combed, smooth hair turns into one big mess. *sobs* Its so sad!! That's why my go to hairstyle is a braid on the side.

Pros and Cons of having long hair:

Pro: Beautiful! I look like a goddess!

Con: Get outta my face!

And addition to all of that.... my hair also get stuck on my butt crack.

So if you are planning to grow your hair that long.. think twice.

Please tell me you related to this in the comment section. 


By Parthi


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