My Little Ideas is OUT OF IDEAS!

Greetings! ...... and welcome to story-time with Parthi.

So, a few hours back, I was thinking what to blog about. A few minutes later, I found myself on Google. Typing 'blog ideas'. I clicked on one that said. '100 blog posts that will make your blog HOT'. I was like "Okay, Please be helpful dear blog post"

I clicked on it, and then a page showed in front of me, and guess what did the page say, "There is no internet connection" Inside me my negative side was crying "WHY does this happen to me" and my positive side "Maybe you must read a book and a blog idea will come out of nowhere."

I walked over to my bookshelf and took a look. I read a book for 30 mins and finally the internet connection came back. I took a look at that post. "Scroll down, scroll down" "Who would even post about that!?" "Nah" These were the only words coming out of my mouth.

I shut down my computer not feeling so happy and positive. Just then my daddy returned from work. I decided to ask him some ideas. He told "Write something people usually search for." I did not know what you guys usually search for.

I could not ask mumma as she was really tied up in a conference call, honestly, I had no clue what my mom was saying. Talking, talking, talking.

I started FREAKING out! Was the author and editor of My Little Ideas officially out of ideas! I was getting psyched, not in a good way. My parents were calling me for dinner. I was sitting in my room looking at the blank 'New Post' page thinking what to write.

And then, it hit me, what if I write a blog post about this entire situation. My parents who were calling me for dinner started getting angry, but I just wouldn't listen. I kept on rejoicing and dancing around my room on the news that after all this chaos I finally found a blog idea.

And this, the current blog post that you're reading and this is completely true!

Curious viewer: Yeah, Yeah Congratulations! But what happened after your parents were calling you for dinner?

That's....... a really interesting question. They came up at my room and well I got shouted at and I got no mango slices for desert as punishment. But I do not really mind that. I am just really happy that a little mind which always has little ideas didn't run out of ideas!

My Little Ideas, will never run out of ideas.


By Parthi


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