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Guys, most of my blogs are happy,funny and positive. This one is serious. It has happened to me. I do not even know how to explain this in short. Keep on reading...

My school 'Baldwin Girls' High School' had not given me my 6th grade books, we eagerly waited for them. My school told that we will get a text on when will we be getting our books. 

One night, it was raining, I was chillaxing with me awesome family. The electricity had cut. My dad got a message in his phone that said about the books. It said that we have to "pay and order the books online". We had to order it through a website called

Read carefully... Our school has a 1st lang, 2nd lang and 3rd lang. My 1st lang was English (obviously), my 2nd lang was Hindi, my 3rd lang is Kannada. From 5th grade we have to study all the three languages.

We turned on our internet dongle. So we registered, gave our address and the minor details. Then they asked for the bundle type according to the languages. My dad clicked on the one that said "Bundle type(Hindi-II lang).

And then, it hit me, we have various options for our third language and it is equally important as other subjects. Why didn't they ask for the III language. Every other feeling came to my mind except for, "this thing is spam"

My head was racing with thoughts. When I finally realized it MAY be spam. It was too late. My dad had paid and me being an idiot was relieved. Note: My dad had paid 3000 rupees extra!

You must be wondering.. "How did you find out about the books"

Well...Next morning we got a text that was from the school that said the books will be given at your doorstep and you will pay the fees to the vendor"

Like WHAT!? My dad already had paid online. That too 3000 rupees extra than last time. My mom took a picture of the booklist for the year 2017-2018. 

Mommy Daddy scolded the school and the website a lot. At least they said sorry.

I don't know. Let the books come. If it is really spam, they have a refund policy. So everything has a happy ending.


By Parthi


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