How to make your first impression on the first day of school

Joining a new school? Nervous for the next year of school? Do not know you're amazing? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are in the right place buddy. 

Alas! Vacations are over *sobs* Well not for most of us. My school will start on June so I will try to post one blog post every Saturday without fail.

                                      How To Enter

 Just turn on your computer, and press on the one that says "Enter" Pretty Simple right? JK! Curse my bad jokes. You should enter your classroom or school bus like this.

-Look up. Do not look down. 

-Wear your backpack on both your arms. Do not wear one s-trap on one hand and make the other strap feel bad for itself.

-Look into other people's eyes. It mesmerizes them and they like you instantly.

-Wave at a few of them. Bonus points if you smile.

And that's how you create an impression on your new class.


You need to make a good impression on your teachers. Otherwise what will they say on you PTA meeting.

Teacher: She is lacking in participation. Okay in studies.

You don't want to listen all of THAT! What you do is:

-Smile wide.

-Act Friendly

-Look Smart and confident on your first day.

- Talk to her in a friendly manner like, "Hi Ms. ........ My name is ................ and did you know that (whatever subject she teaches) is my favorite subject so I am thrilled!"

However, don't try too hard or it will be pretty clear.

-Don't complement the teacher.

 And this is how we make an impression on our teachers. 

                                      New Friends

Making new friends is really hard. So what you do is:

-Talk to anyone you see around. If you just start talking to anyone in the corridors during lunch break or something it makes you look popular so...

-Try to be with someone who is like you. Do not try to be with a wannabe popular girl. Be you

                                         And for the finale...

Wait for this.. It is the biggest rule about the whole first impression thing....

-Be yourself.

This is the biggest rule. You must be thinking "If this was the biggest rule, why didn't you tell it first?" Because the biggest rule would matter nothing at first..

I am serious, even if you are one of those mean girls or those nerdy bookish types be it. You don't need to change yourself for a bunch of idiotic bullies. So be the beautiful, confident you..

Conscience: That kinda got damn deep bro!

Me: I know, I am amazing

Who is excited for school?! *raises hand but stops at the middle* I am kinda excited but not fully, I know all my readers are excited right! Wait for a new blog every Saturday! Have fun at school! Read my other blogs otherwise I will tell your mummy! 


By Parthi


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