Beauty is....

Wow! The girl who posted blogs that help people, make people laugh and all that ish, has started writing philosophy now. That's right. Today I am going to tell what Beauty really is....

What comes first to your mind when you hear the word Beauty?

You may picture a really pretty looking girl or something like that but, you don't know if she is beautiful on the She may not even be pretty on the outside. The picture must be photoshopped. It is so good these days (feels like a granny). 

I will name a few things that's more beautiful than her. 

1.The moon and the stars: Has looking at the stars ever not pleased you. Look up at the shining sky. They even help lost travelers when it is very dark. Will her beauty ever help  anyone that way?

2. Flowers: Flowers are really beautiful. So beautiful that we
pluck them and they die in 60 seconds. Their center provide nectar to bees and butterflies. It lets the bees and butterflies survive life. Could her beauty ever feed someone for life?

3. Sweetness: Nothing in this entire world is more beautiful than sweetness. Mmmm... Sweetness. I am really craving a Black Forest right now. Whatever! Back to the point`! What type of teacher do you like? Sweet as sugar, right? I mean I do like a little spice because I am Indian. 

You know what I mean right? If the girl you just saw is mean she would be no more attractiv e, and by mean I do not mean the feisty one. I mean the ugly mean. Their motive in life is to destroy others life. They may be the most beautiful in the entire universe. But they are no attractive than a skunk, their beauty is useless as Algebra. *laughs*

How to be beautiful!

1. No Makeup

Why do you need to cover your aesthetically, pleasing face with a layer of chemicals. Expose the beautiful..... face of yours. Of course you look amazing. You like Priyanka Chopra. 

2. Decorate your inner self.

No! I do not want you to be those "perfect girly girl" type. I am the biggest tomboy you will ever see. I just... hide it. I want you to be a good person from inside. If you are. I love you.

Last but not the least...

3. Be yourself.

You are beautiful just the way you are. Never think about what are people talking about you. Is it any of your business? No. Remember, if people are trying to bring you down, it only means you're above them.

There are beautiful and kind people, for example both of us. So, to conclude it.. Beauty is useless, find out that maybe your weaknesses are your strength. You know what will make you more beautiful.. Viewing my other posts. In case you got bored of this one.


By Parthi


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