Shakespeare's Tragedy:Hamlet [Part II]

Greetings, my dear friend, I see you're back for the rest of the entire story. In the previous blog, Hamlet was just about to kill his own mother, Getrude.

Hamlet was preparing to kill his mother when, the spirit appeared from nowhere and said, "Spare your mother son, go after the real murderer."

Meanwhile, Claudius had decided that he could waste no more time in sending Hamlet away, and so put him on a ship to sail to England.

While in France, Laertes heard what had happened to his father and immediately returned to avenge his death. He was furious with the king and queen, as they had made no arrests. He came back leading a riotous group of men claiming that Claudius was not fit to rule over them, and therefore Laertes should be there new king. As he was arguing with the king, Ophelia walked in. It seemed that she had completely lost her mind in the loss of her father.

Laertes was heartbroken to see her in such a sorry state, and now was more intent than ever to avenge the death of his father and his sister's state of delirium.

Now, while they were sailing for England, Hamlet's ship was attacked by pirates. In the fight that ensued, Hamlet boarded the pirate ship. His own ship managed to break away and sail off leaving Hamlet as a prisoner to the pirates. However when he told the pirates who he was, he dropped off at the nearest port and returned home.

Upon seeing Hamlet again, Claudius started making planes for his death. This time he went and told Laertes and told him how Hamlet had killed his father Polonius. This infuriated Laertes and wanted to kill Hamlet immediately. Claudius asked Laertes to refrain for a while.

"I will organise a sword duel. So here's the plan: Hamlet's sword will be blunt so he will not harm you in any way." said the hasty Claudius. But he did not stop there, "The tip of your sword will be dipped in special poison, which had no antidote making Hamlet's death certain.

But if all other plans fail, "I would add poison to Hamlet's drink and the moment he took a sip... his energy would drain die soon.

In this situation, Getrude came running to tell that Ophelia had drowned. The girl had gone to the banks of the river to pluck flowers from a tree, but while she was on a branch, a portion of it broke off and she went tumbling into the river. Laertes was shocked that his sister was no more.

Meanwhile Hamlet and Horatio were walking when they saw a royal funeral procession. Within few minutes Hamlet saw that it was Ophelia's body being carried away. Hamlet could no longer contain his sorrow and went running after her.

Laertes saw Hamlet arrive on the scene and grabbed his throat. They were involved in a struggle, but because of the people around them, they were parted.

Soon Claudius told that Laertes had been named 'best swordsman in France' so he arranged a sword duel for the two of them. Horatio tried to change Hamlet's mind but he wouldn't budge.

Finally, the awaited sword duel began. Everyone from the royal court were present. Claudius saw that Hamlet was proving to be better than Laertes. "Hamlet, I think you should take a break" But Hamlet kept on fighting. Laertes managed to hit Hamlet once and he started bleeding.

Realising that Laertes' sword was sharper than his, he started fighting with greater vigour. Little did he know, he was poisoned. Now, Queen Getrude was tired and wanted a drink. Seeing a cup before her she reached out. As soon as Claudius saw that happening he shouted. ''That's the poisoned cup!" But it was too late.

During the match, both contestants dropped their sword and picked up each other's sword. Now Hamlet fighting with Laertes' sword was able to draw blood from his opponent. When, he heard a scream, "Son! I have been poisoned!" Laertes too had fallen with his own poison mixing with his blood. "They bleed on both sides, how is that my Lord!?" Horatio exclaimed.

Laertes said, "It is the king Hamlet, he has planned the whole thing, he has poisoned your mother, he has poisoned the sword. Nothing can save us, we all are going to die. Without wasting another moment, Hamlet killed Claudius instantly.

Falling into Horatio's lap, Hamlet said, "I am dying Horatio. But you live and must tell my true story to the world." And soon he was dead

                                            THE END
Aww man!!
I literally teared up at the end part. Who else did? I hope you liked it.
By Parthi 


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