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Shakespeare's Tragedy:Hamlet [Part II]

Greetings, my dear friend, I see you're back for the rest of the entire story. In the previous blog, Hamlet was just about to kill his own mother, Getrude.Hamlet was preparing to kill his mother when, the spirit appeared from nowhere and said, "Spare your mother son, go after the real murderer."Meanwhile, Claudius had decided that he could waste no more time in sending Hamlet away, and so put him on a ship to sail to England.While in France, Laertes heard what had happened to his father and immediately returned to avenge his death. He was furious with the king and queen, as they had made no arrests. He came back leading a riotous group of men claiming that Claudius was not fit to rule over them, and therefore Laertes should be there new king. As he was arguing with the king, Ophelia walked in. It seemed that she had completely lost her mind in the loss of her father.Laertes was heartbroken to see her in such a sorry state, and now was more intent than ever to avenge the …

Shakespeare's Tragedy: Hamlet

Hello everyone! Now we're going to read the tragedy written by William Shakespeare. We are going to read Hamlet.Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare at an uncertain date between 1599 and 1602. This is a play that can be acted in your school play or any other major function. Main Characters:Hamlet: He is the main character. He is the son of the late king and the nephew of the present king.Claudius: He is the king of Denmark and Hamlet's Uncle.Getrude: Queen  of Denmark and Hamlet's mother.Polonius: He is the chief counsellor to the kingOphelia: Daughter to Polonius. She is also the lady-love of HamletLaertes: Son to Polonius.Horatio: Hamlet's true friend and advisor.Voltimand and Cornelius: CourtiersRosincrantz and Guildenstern: Courtiers and friends to HamletOsric: CourtierMarcellus and Bernardo: OfficersFrancisco: A soldierAudienceGhost of Hamlet's father Hamlet was the Prince of Denmark. He was away studying at Wittenberg when one day hereceived the unfortuna…