Pirates [Part III]

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When pirates attacked a ship, they shot the sailors working on the sails. They also shot at the helms, the steering area of the ship.

Where Was The Treasure?

Sailors often hid their treasure. Pirates had to break down walls and doors to find it. They threatened their prisoners until they revealed the treasure. Pirates had frightening weapons such as knives, daggers and pistols.

What was the best treasure?

Gold and silver was the best pirate treasure. It could be gold or silver coins, plain bars or fine ornaments. Silk cloth and hard wood such as ebony was also valuable. So was ivory. Pirates were not happy with cotton coal or iron.

Spicy Sands!

Spices from India and Sri Lanka were very valuable, but they were difficult to sell. Pirates often dumped them overboard. These spices piled up on the beaches.

Was the treasure shared?

The captain was in charge of sharing the treasure. Officers got more than ordinary sailors. The cook and carpenter got less because they didn't fight. Captains tried to divide everything fairly. Unhappy pirates attack the captain and take over the ship!

Where were the jewels?

Pirates stole jewels from ships all over the world. Diamonds came from Africa. Red rubies and blue sapphires came from Burma. Green Emeralds were mined in Columbia. Divers scooped up shiny pearls from the Persian Gulf.

What were pirates scared of?

Shipwreck was a pirates greatest fear. Terrible storms could blow up in the warm waters around the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the Far East. In 1712, a storm blasted  Port Royal of Jamaica. Winds smashed ships to pieces.

How did pirates find their way?

Pirates used the position of the sun and stars to guide them in the right direction. They also used a compass to help them. A telescope helped pirates to see landmarks and work out their position. Pirates used their maps to find their way on land.






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