Pirates!! [PART II]

😇Oh you're back again to learn about pirates. So what are we waiting for? A cab? No. A train? No. So let's get to it.

Can You Be A Pirate With One Leg?

Yes! Francois Le Clerc was a dangerous pirate with just one leg. In the 1550s, he raided Caribbean Islands owned by Spain. He captured  the port of Havana on the island of Cuba. No one would pay Le Clerc to give up the port so he burnt it to the ground!

Did sailors fight pirates?

Sailors fought hard against pirates when they are attacked. But they didn't try to fight Francois L'Ollonais in the 1660s. He was very cruel and tortured prisoners. When Francis attacked a ship, the captain and sailors usually gave up without a fight.

What did pirates do with their money?

Pirates sold their treasure to people at docks. They usually made lots of money, but most of their money was spent on public houses!


Pirates could spend 3000 pieces of silver in one night. That's about 45,000 pounds in today's money!

Was There A Pirate Paradise?

Port Royal was a harbour on the island of Jamaica. A strong fort guarded the harbour. Pirates could even mend their ships in the docks. Jamaica was ruled by the English who left the pirates alone.

Could Women Be Pirates?

Yes, they could! Mary Read dressed up as a man and became a sailor in the 1700s. Her ship was raided by pirates and Mary decided to join them. Her ship was raided by 'Calico Jack' and Anne Bonney. Mary made friends with Anne and they fought against the navy.


 Whose prisoners ate caterpillars?

Ching Shih was a Chinese pirate. In 1807, she controlled many ships that raided China's coast. Ching Shih was a great leader. She had very strict rules for her sailors. Her prisoners had to eat caterpillars in boiled rice!


Grace O'Malley shaved her head to look like her sailors. She was given the nickname 'Baldy'.

 Who Said She Was Sorry?

Grace O'Malley went to sea when she was a young girl. She ended up controlling pirate ships off the coast of Ireland. Grace had 20 ships under her command. In 1593 Grace asked Queen Elizabeth I of England to forgive her for being a pirate.

What were the best ships?

Pirate ships had to be really fast! Many were small and easy to sail. Schooners[skooners] were ships that  had two masts. Corsairs sailed in galleys-ships that had oars a well as sails. The captain had a cabin in the stern[ back of the ship]. Treasure, gunpowder and food were stored in the hold, beneath the deck.

Where Did Pirates Sleep?

Most pirates slept on the deck unless the weather was bad. Some put hammocks below their deck in the middle of the ship. It was cramped, smelly and noisy. This made some pirates ill. So did their food. They did not eat enough fruits and vegetables!


Pirates even stole their prisoner's clothes! They usually sold them, but they kept the best items for themselves.

What did pirates eat?

Pirates mostly ate dry biscuits and pickled meat when on board ship. They hunted for fresh meat when they landed on islands. They also collected fresh water and fruit. Pirate cooks had only ne arm or leg. They couldn't fight so they cooked!


Who was afraid of a flag?

Merchant seamen were terrified when they saw the flag of a pirate ship. Early flags were bright red. By the 1700s, pirates flew black flags. Each pirate captain added his or her own symbol. Sometimes this was the famous skull-and-crossbones.

Were buccaneers heroes?

Buccaneers were violent thieves. Some people thought they were heroes. Bartholomew Roberts was a buccaneer. His nickname was Black Bart. He was bold and handsome, yet he never drank anything stronger than tea. In the 1720s, he captured 400 ships.

Arrr! Pirates have just so much History. I have to tell you more about it in Chapter III.


By Parthi




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