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History of Chocolate

Hello everyone! Today we're going to talk about one of my favourite and I think everyone's favourite. Chocolate! Chocolate exists of 3 types: Dark chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. Usually when we say chocolate, we picture a box of bon bons or a bar. Read on to find out more.Starting of SweetsNow, let's start with the creation of sweets. Sweets savouries started with the early men. They discovered honey!Next, the Egyptians were creative people. They were the first to combine honey, sweet fruit and nuts. What a delicious mix! Etymologists trace the word 'chocolate' to the Aztec word 'xocoatl,' which referred to a bitter drink  brewed from cocoa beans. The Latin name of cacao tree, Theobroma Cacao means 'food of gods' Many modern historians claim that chocolate has been around for 2000 years, but recent research suggests it may be even older!
Did you know, that no one tasted chocolate until 900AD. The Mayans discovered that cocoa beans could…

Bullying/ Cyber bullying

*Hey! I hope you're having a nice day today. Now we are going to learn about one of the biggest problem in today's social life. Bullying or cyber bullying. Bullying is NORMALWe all have been bullied at some point of our life. Called a nasty name, taunted, beaten up or had our lunch taken away. Some of us are still bullied long after we leave our classroom. But, it is all a part of life. Isn't it?Bullying is normal in children's face. It is HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE! Not convinced? Here are some basic information in bullying and why we need to stop it.There are different types of bullying. They are:-Physical Bullying: hurting someone by directly attacking their bodyVerbal bullying: using words to hurt or harm someoneIntellectual Bullying: not acknowledging and valuing and making fun of children's ideas by peers or adultsEmotional Bullying: putting children through embarrassing moments, harassments and reward withdrawal. Indirect bullying: spreading rumours or excluding so…

Pirates [Part III]

Arrr! Hello there! You are finally  here to read the last version of 'Pirate'. Without further delay let's get to it!
DUCK!When pirates attacked a ship, they shot the sailors working on the sails. They also shot at the helms, the steering area of the ship.Where Was The Treasure?Sailors often hid their treasure. Pirates had to break down walls and doors to find it. They threatened their prisoners until they revealed the treasure. Pirates had frightening weapons such as knives, daggers and pistols.What was the best treasure?Gold and silver was the best pirate treasure. It could be gold or silver coins, plain bars or fine ornaments. Silk cloth and hard wood such as ebony was also valuable. So was ivory. Pirates were not happy with cotton coal or iron.
Spicy Sands!Spices from India and Sri Lanka were very valuable, but they were difficult to sell. Pirates often dumped them overboard. These spices piled up on the beaches.

Was the treasure shared?The captain was in charge of sharin…

Pirates!! [PART II]

😇Oh you're back again to learn about pirates. So what are we waiting for? A cab? No. A train? No. So let's get to it.Can You Be A Pirate With One Leg?Yes! Francois Le Clerc was a dangerous pirate with just one leg. In the 1550s, he raided Caribbean Islands owned by Spain. He captured  the port of Havana on the island of Cuba. No one would pay Le Clerc to give up the port so he burnt it to the ground! Did sailors fight pirates?Sailors fought hard against pirates when they are attacked. But they didn't try to fight Francois L'Ollonais in the 1660s. He was very cruel and tortured prisoners. When Francis attacked a ship, the captain and sailors usually gave up without a fight.What did pirates do with their money?Pirates sold their treasure to people at docks. They usually made lots of money, but most of their money was spent on public houses!SPEND! SPEND! SPEND!Pirates could spend 3000 pieces of silver in one night. That's about 45,000 pounds in today's money! Was …


😇😉😏Ahoy matey! Now we're going to learn about pirates! Let's get to it!!INTRODUCTIONPirates are people who steal from ports and ships. As soon as the first ships began to carry goods, pirates began to attack them. About 600 years ago, there were many pirates  sailing on the seas around the world. HAIRY PIRATES! 'Barbarossa' was the nickname for two pirate brothers. 'Barbarossa' means 'red beard' because they both had red beards! Every sailor was afraid of the two Barbarossa brothers! They were pirates who attacked ships about 500 years ago. One of the brothers captured the town of Algiers in North Africa. The other attacked ships that belonged to the Pope. Who was the leader of the Christian church.Did All Pirates Want Treasure!Pirates from the Mediterranean were called corsairs. They didn't want a treasure. Instead, they took people from ships. They also captured rich people. They were also paid a large amount to set them free.When were pirates…


Hi y'all! Now I am going to talk about butterflies!IntroductionButterflies belong to the Kingdom Animalia, the Phylum Athropoda, the class Insecta, the order Lepidoptera[moths, skippers], the sub order Rhopalocera. The sub order Rhopalocera has 3 superfamilies.  Butterflies belong to the Papilionoidea family.Where do butterflies come from?There are several methods by which a butterfly forms. Let me demonstrate.-First, a caterpillar hatches from an egg. They eat         a lot of leaves  to    become big. -When they are old enough, they attach themselves to twigs. -Then, they form hard shells called pupas. -Inside the pupa the caterpillar changes into a butterfly. -When the butterfly is fully formed, it breaks out of its pupa!Amazing FactsOne of the strongest insect fliers is the Apollo butterfly. It can fly over hills and even high mountains, then it rests over a rock or in a flower in the sunshine.Butterflies cannot hear but can feel vibrations.Butterflies do not have lungs.Butter…

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