Hichki - Movie Review (The Child Critic)

Hello! I  am Parthi Agarwal and it is my Summer Vacation. Woo! Anyways, I had gone to watch a movie with my friend, as the title says, I had gone to watch the movie Hichki.

For those who wonder, 'Hichki' is Hindi for 'hiccups'. Rani Mukherjee's role is... Ms. Naina Mathur. She is a teacher at St. Notker's. She is the class teacher of a Rowdy class' the class of 9F.  At first, the students treat her like poop. But after she saves those students from being suspended, they treat her better. And after "Naina Ma'am's" amazing class, it turns to complete loyalty.  Now, those failures have to pass their finals to stay in their school. BOOM! They may pass, they may NOT! I am kipping my lips zipped. Overall,  it was a tearful movie, but a happy movie. Every dork like me will love this movie. Even if you are not a dork you will lo-ove this movie. It was not a romantic, Thank God! And the final rating is....... 17/10 Parthi Agarwal

My Top 10 Favorite Movies

Hi, I am Parthi Agarwal. I  am honestly having a blast this summer vacation. Sleeping until 11 in the morning, swimming in the pool, stressing about the report card, playing until 8 in the evening and finally watching movies while playing board games. I love movies. Especially, watching them with your family. Today you will know my top 10 favorite movies. These are movies which I can watch again and again and not get tired of watching them.10. Coco Coco is a beautiful story about a boy named Migel who wants to be a musician but can't because his family despises music.
9. Naam Shabana Recently, I have been enjoying action movies. Naam Shabana is an AMAZING movie. Women empowerment. There is no male hero in this movie. The only hero is a girl named Shabana. 8. Parent Trap It is not possible for you to hate this movie. Although, it is a little cliche. Annie and Hallie are so cool in this movie.
7. George of the jungle I only have one thing to say about this hilarious movie. AaAaAAAAHAaAAAh…

Me rating my own Drawings.

Hi, I am Parthi Agarwal. This might seem off topic but I have been watching a lot of Austin and Ally. So what they finished streaming the show. It is so hilarious. Anyways..... I have been logging on to Pinterest and drawing random sketches. Not gonna lie, it is fun. Today I will show you the ridiculous drawings I drew, and I am going to rate it myself.
1. The "Ballerina Shoes" I mean, it is not that bad... It looks like the ballerina shoes, what else would I want. I give it a...   *drum roll*                                                        8/10 2. The "Back Side of a girl"

This was the easiest thing I found to draw that day. So, it doesn't look that bad. Ratings are...                                                  7/10  3. The "Mermaid in a glass"
Yeahhh... This one kind of sucked. But the mermaid looks happy. I give it a                                     4/10
4. "The lovely Dress" This one is my favorite. It looks perfect I am…

How do I go through a summer vacation day

Why Hello there!! Guess whose blog turned 1. MINE! Guess who wasn't present on her birthday. Me... When it was my blog's birthday, I was studying for my Finals. Now that they're over. Freedom!! Whoop!

But that also means endless boring hours of doing nothing. Others will be out of the city, while you stay home and eat ice cream.   Today I will tell you how I spend my typical summer vacation.As soon as I wake up, there will be loud music blasting from the Television. I will waddle like a duck when I get up. I don't know why. I will smell the fresh summer air which smells of 'no studying'. Anyways...1)  Maths  I know this sounds ludicrous, but I do maths. Papa bought me a 7th-grade math textbook so that I can ace that Grade 7! I do recommend you to do your weakest Subject during the holidays. 2) Play the Piano
So recently, I have grown an OBSESSION towards playing the piano. I feel so peaceful when playing the piano. No, I do not go to piano classes. Yes, I am self-…

Child Critic- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

The Harry Potter series consists of seven books that take us muggles(non-magical people) to a whole new world. It is about a boy named Harry Potter and his two loving best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and how they take on various adventures..... with MAGIC!!The book starts with crappy muggles called Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley of Number 4 Pivet Drive. They were ludicrously afraid and mean to a boy named Harry Potter, who was left on their doorstep as a baby, scar on his forehead. The real twist starts on Harry's 11th Birthday, He got a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A school for magic. I was squealing up and down my room reading this the entire time. He will be attending an unknown school, in an unknown world, where not a single person will know him, except Hagrid, the gamekeeper. Little did he know, he was the most famous wizard existing. Now listen, I am not going to review the rest of the book, you must read it and tell the world. S…

Wishlist 2017 for CHRISTMAS of an 11 year old

Hi, I am Parthi Agarwal. Welcome to the official My Little Ideas. I am an 11-year-old, lazyGIRL.Did you Deck the Halls with boughs and holly, because Santa Clause is coming to town? Hahaha!!!! (That was a good one Parthi)By Santa Claus, I remember, have you been good kids, because I know I haven't. But still, Mr. Santa, if you're reading this right now, this is my wishlist for 2017.(I am not requesting for this stuff) It is going to be a very short list. *cough*1.The next 5 Harry Potter books. (specifically, the publishers should be Bloomsbury) from Book 4 to Book 8.2.A wooden chest with all things Harry Potter.(Since I am Ravenclaw, all things Ravenclaw. Wand, Blue Tie, Broomstick, schoolbooks)3. All 11 Percy Jackson Books. (I've decided Percy Jackson is the next series I'll read)4. A Polaroid Camera. (Purple in color)5. A chance to go to Disney Land. (Just Once)6. A chance to meet Lilly Singh.( Just Once)7. A Monopoly Set(Carnival Edtion)8. The ability to become a pa…

Things to do this Diwali!

Hi! First things first, *clears throat* Happy Hallowe'en, a festival where you can be the weirdo you are inside. What am I being this Hello Ween. *drum roll* Pollution creator. It will be the most unoriginal costume in India. Us Indians, we have a festival for that too, Diwali!HAPPY DIWALI!If you get bored this Diwali put your hands up. Oh My God! How do you possibly get bored in D-I-W-A-L-I. Well, sit down and be humble while I go through things you can do this Diwali.1. Give up your electronics2. Spend time with your wonderful, loving family3. Burst crackers with your parents, on the street. *legit*4. Help mommy and daddy in making mouth-watering sweets5. Paint Diyas6. Help in the Lakshmi Puja, by lighting the Diya (tiny lamp-like things) 7. Dress in traditional Indian wear8. Eat like you haven't eaten for 100 years9. Find a new Hobby 10. Decorate your house with curtains, doormats and bed covers.11. Please, Spend all the possible time with your beloved family. K BYEBy Parthi